Miley Cyrus drops NSFW music video for single ‘Mother’s Daughter’

WATCH: Miley Cyrus' powerful new NSFW music video 'Mother's Daughter'

“Every woman is a riot.”

So reads one of the opening frames to Miley Cyrus‘s latest music video, Mother’s Daughter.

The NSFW Alexandre Moors-directed short dropped on Tuesday morning and features several LGBTQ2 dancers and individuals.

While the video may be explicit — Cyrus is clad in a red rubber catsuit and grabs herself fairly frequently — there’s a reason for it. It’s also not quite as lewd as the video content from her 2015 Flaming Lips collaboration album, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz.

Mother’s Daughter serves an important purpose. It’s a statement made in support of gender equality, freedom and the fight against discrimination and sexual harassment.

Miley Cyrus performing on the fifth day of Glastonbury Festival 2019 at Worthy Farm in Somerset, U.K. CP Images Archive

It’s the lead single from the 26-year-old’s latest release, the She is Coming EP.

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Throughout the three-and-a-half-minute video, a number of messages are flashed on the screen or painted on the backs of naked bodies. There are also scenes of individuals posing naked and one of a person breastfeeding their baby.

The messages range from “feminist AF” to “virginity is a social construct,” “I am free,”“not an object,” “tough ti–ies” and “they/them,” which refers to the importance of using correct pronouns for gender non-binary individuals.

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“Music makes Movements! We got the power,” the Party in the U.S.A. singer wrote in a tweet.

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Lastly, Cyrus’ own mother, Tish Cyrus, makes an appearance in the video, too. As the younger Cyrus sings: “My momma always told me that I’ll make it so I made it,” Tish is seen sitting on a couch with Miley leaning on her shoulder.

She reappears in the chorus when Miley sings: “Must be something in the water or that I’m my mother’s daughter / Don’t f–k with my freedom.”

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An official statement was released with the video, featuring quotes from those who appeared in the short and detailing their experiences of oppression and discrimination.

“As a black girl in a wheelchair who happens to be trans, I just want to have a good life and do good in whatever my endeavours consist of, regardless of what that might mean in the face of oppression,” said Aaron Philip.

Amazon Ashley wrote: “Sometimes I feel so helpless and discouraged because there is so much injustice discrimination and hatred in the world we live in.”

Miley Cyrus in the Mother’s Daughter music video, which was released on July 2, 2019. Miley Cyrus / YouTube

“We’re living in dark times,” she continued, “but ‘this too shall pass!’ I pray that goodness will win and darkness won’t prevail!”

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“Taking a stand for the women and the queer community in skateboarding has brought me to life in a powerful way,” said Lacey Baker.

“The queer community gives me so much f–king life,” Baker added, along with the hashtags #LGBTQ and #Pride.

Upon the release of She is Coming, Cyrus revealed that two additional EPs, entitled She Is Here and She Is Everything, are set to come before the end of the year and that a new studio album, She Is Miley Cyrus, will be comprised of all three.

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Mother’s Daughter and the rest of the She is Coming EP are available on all major streaming platforms worldwide.

As of this writing, details on She Is Here and She Is Everything are yet to come.

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On top of her latest release, Cyrus is also be featured in Black Mirror’s fifth season, which is now available to stream through Netflix.

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Updates and additional information can be found on the official Miley Cyrus website.

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