Nipsey Hussle shooting suspect identified as 29-year-old Eric Holder

Nipsey Hussle shooting suspect named as vigil stampede injures at least 19
WATCH: Los Angeles police have identified suspect in the shooting death of Grammy-nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle as a night of chaos unfolded at last night's vigil for Hussle, where many were trampled during a stampede.

The L.A. Police Department (LAPD) has identified 29-year-old Eric Holder as the suspect in the shooting of rapper Nipsey Hussle, who died Sunday.

In a news release issued Monday night — the same night that a memorial to Hussle devolved into chaos after numerous people were left with trampling injuries — the LAPD sought the public’s help to locate Holder, a Los Angeles resident.

Holder has been identified as the suspect in a “multiple victim shooting” that unfolded at around 3:20 p.m. on Sunday, the LAPD said.

The incident happened outside a business in a strip mall in the 3400-block of West Slauson Blvd.

The location was previously identified as being just outside Marathon Clothing, a store that Hussle owned.

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Three men were standing in the strip mall when the suspect walked up and fired a number of shots in their direction.

All the victims were hit and fell to the ground, police said.

The suspect then ran through an adjacent alley southbound before entering a waiting vehicle — a white, 2016 Chevy Cruze with four doors and licence plate number 7RJD742 — that was being driven by a female who hasn’t been identified.

The suspect was identified using social media posts and surveillance video, ABC News reported.

WATCH: Thousands take to the streets in Los Angeles after rapper Nipsey Hussle killed

Thousands take to the streets in Los Angeles after rapper Nipsey Hussle killed
Thousands take to the streets in Los Angeles after rapper Nipsey Hussle killed

Two of the shooting victims were taken to hospital and one of them — Hussle — died of his injuries.

LAPD Chief Michael Moore said Sunday that the shooting represented the “latest loss in a troubling surge in violence.”

He noted that 26 victims had been shot since last Sunday and that there were 10 homicides.

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“That’s 36 families left picking up the pieces,” he tweeted.

“We will work aggressively with our community to quell this senseless loss of life.”

Hussle’s death drew a wave of sympathy from musical artists such as Rihanna, who said her spirit was “shaken by this.”

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LeBron James also spoke out, saying he had just texted with the rapper the other day.

James said he had told him how proud he was of the rapper, and that he would try to ensure he could attend more Los Angeles Lakers games next season.

“This one hurts big time,” he wrote.

Canadian rapper Drake posted on Instagram that his “whole energy is just at a low right now hearing this.”

“We just linked for the first time in years and said we were gonna do a new song this summer cause it had been too long.”