As another 12 cm of snow falls on Montreal, budget overruns could be possible

Wintery weather costly for Montreal
WATCH: With another dump of snow over Montreal, there is mounting concern that the city could go over budget when it comes to snow removal. Global’s Billy Shields reports.

Snow plows began clearing Montreal’s streets at 2 a.m. Thursday after the city got another dose of winter weather.

Those plows ensured that most major roadways were smooth sailing for drivers, but some commuters told Global News that wasn’t the case for public transit users.

“The snow kind of makes everything a bit longer, waiting for the bus a bit longer,” said Tristin Best, a student at Concordia University who takes the 105 bus.

According to City of Montreal spokesperson Philippe Sabourin, 125 cm of snow has fallen in Montreal so far.

The city could go over the $165 million budget for 2019 if a further 65 cm of snow falls between now and the end of the year.

“We have enough budget (overall) to cover those activities,” insisted Sabourin, noting officials are prepared.

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Snow removal operations are slated to start at 7 p.m. Thursday night, and should be completed in four days.

“It’s a crazy winter,” Sabourin said. “We have a lot of snow and big swings of temperature.”