Semi driver caught driving dangerously in dashcam video near Salmon Arm convicted and fined

Trucker fined after near head-on collision along Trans-Canada Highway in B.C.
WATCH: Dashcam video: Vehicle avoids near-on collision with semi along Trans-Canada Highway in B.C.

A semi driver that was caught on video dangerously passing another rig and narrowly causing a head-on collision with a vehicle carrying a family of four, has been charged and fined, nearly two years after it happened.

It was March 8, 2017 when Jonah Jones was driving on the Trans Canada Highway near Salmon Arm with his wife and two young sons.

His dashcam video captured a terrifying incident that forced him to veer onto the side of the highway to avoid a head-on collision with the semi.

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The video shows a CN Intermodal transport truck attempting to pass another semi.

When it’s unable to complete the pass before the end of the passing lane, it crosses into the oncoming lane forcing Jones to take the evasive action to avoid it.

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Jones posted the video on social media, which garnered a lot of attention.

RCMP also launched an investigation.

The driver was charged a short time later, but the ticket was disputed.

Now, nearly two years later after the case was head in court,  the driver of the transport truck has been convicted of failing to complete pass safely” under the B.C. Motor Vehicle Act. He was also fined $500.