Grinch spreads holiday ‘cheer’ at one Ottawa mall

He’s mean but the kids still love him
In a Whoville twist on a holiday tradition a grouchy green guy has taken over Santa's chair in an Ottawa mall – and kids (and parents) are lining up to take part in a little light-hearted Christmas fun (or abuse!?).

In a place far from Who-ville… in a mall in Ottawa

They line up for hours to see — something few ever saw

It’s not Santa, not even an elf in a pinch

No — these kids came to see — the one they call the Grinch

Some line up for hours — waiting with their toys…

And they know when he’s arrived — because OF all the NOISE! NOISE! NOISE!

The man under the makeup — and fur so mossy green

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Is Quebec actor Jean Langlois — who couldn’t be more keen

Four hours a night — he flips — flops and jokes

Most kids play along — some he needs to coax

He’s dressed as Santa but we all know he’s NO St. Nick.

The jolly old man gives gifts — the Grinch hands out tricks

The Grinch will crush your candy cane — which some say is rude

And when he gets a gift like a drawing — he treats it as food

Now — the Grinch’s heart is supposed to grow — three sizes they say…

But Langlois maintains that may only happen closer to Christmas Day

So… until Christmas Eve — children and parents he’ll amuse…

And happy holidays to all — from everyone at Global News

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