Small Business Saturday encourages Saskatoon residents to shop local

Small Business Saturday encourages residents to shop local
WATCH: Small Business Saturday's handmade market had an assortment of handicrafts, jewelry, fine art, games and other unique items.

Many people look forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but the handmade market in Saskatoon is your one-stop shop this weekend.

In between the two larger shopping days, local businesses have come together for what is now known as Small Business Saturday.

“It’s nice having local artists and artisans here, too, because you know the local movement, and the buying local movement has never been stronger. On a day like today, where it’s Small Business Saturday, people want to support their local makers,” said Etienne Dale, communications manager for Small Business Saturday.

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The handmade market had almost everything a person would need, featuring 100 different vendors, some local and some not.

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“Birch Artisan Studio originated in Saskatoon. I’m originally a B.C. girl but have lived here for about eight years and started the company here. My very first piece was with birch wood from the Duck Lake area so I have some really deep ties to Saskatoon and the community here,” said Krista Smith, owner of Birch Artisan Studio, which makes jewelry and other accessories.

Among the assortment of handicrafts, jewelry, fine art, games and other unique items, there was even a unique Saskatchewan company producing bison tallow-based skin care products.

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“It’s all natural. It’s actually a byproduct of the bison meat industry that no one is using right now…We render it down and mix it with essential oils and herbs and colour our soaps with clay. We keep it all natural, but it’s really good for your skin,” said Chantelle Berg, owner of the Whole Buffalo Soap Co.

Owners say buying local not only helps local companies but also benefits the buyer, as shoppers are getting a unique, one-of-a-kind product.