Appeal case to begin in Netherlands for Amanda Todd’s alleged tormentor


The Dutch man wanted in Canada for allegedly cyber-bullying Amanda Todd is about to appear before a court in the Netherlands on unrelated criminal charges.

The outcome of the Dutch criminal case could impact whether the accused, Aydin Coban, will be extradited to Canada to face five separate charges, including extortion and child pornography, in relation to Amanda’s death in 2012.

Carol Todd, Amanda’s mother, and other Dutch media sources, report that an appellate court in the Netherlands will soon begin hearing Coban’s appeal of his conviction last year for extorting and blackmailing dozens of women.

Todd said the hearing begins Nov. 5 and a judgment is expected on Dec. 14. Todd said she’s anxiously waiting on what new evidence defence may produce during the Dutch proceeding.

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“He’s going to speak this time. He didn’t speak last time. I guess we will see what kind of new evidence is procured. I don’t understand why he didn’t speak last time,” Todd said.

Whether Coban’s appeal is successful, Todd is focused on his extradition to Canada. A Dutch court last year approved Coban’s extradition to Canada after his original convictions in the Dutch criminal cases.

But the extradition has been on hold pending the results of his Dutch criminal appeals.

“I have to … wait for this appeal to be over and hopefully, there won’t be a third chance to appeal,” Todd said. “I am focused on him eventually coming here as are millions of other people. They want to see justice served. They want to see justice for Amanda.”

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Last year, a Dutch Court sentenced Coban to nearly 11 years behind bars for online fraud and blackmail against dozens of women. A month later, the Dutch Supreme Court approved his extradition to Canada.

In B.C., he faces five separate charges, including extortion and child pornography, in relation to Amanda’s death.

Amanda committed suicide in 2012 after posting a YouTube video. She used flashcards to tell her story of being cyber-bullied.

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