Surrey students believe they were used in potential election fraud attempt

The new Surrey City Hall opens today. City of Surrey

As the RCMP investigate allegations of possible election fraud in Surrey, a group of students at a post-secondary institution believe they’ve been caught up in it unwittingly.

The students from the institution, which will go unnamed to protect their identity, said that “many weeks ago we were approached by a group of men.

“They were asking questions related to our current circumstances and if we were aware of politics in Surrey. We told them we weren’t able to vote.”

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The students allege that the men said, “we will give you money if you help with local politics. They asked for our names, number, address and date of birth and in exchange promised to give us $100.” They obliged.

The students said “we did not understand at the time, but now we do, and we’re afraid.”

On Friday, organizers of the massive “Wake Up Surrey” rally that was held in June outside city hall went to the RCMP and Elections BC alleging fraudulent use of absentee ballots and vote buying targeting 15,000 voters in the south Asian community.

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