Quebec Liberals sweep West Island amid crushing defeat

Quebec Election: Couillard tells Anglophones ‘you are like us, first-class Quebecers’
Quebec Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard tells Anglophones 'You are like us, first-class Quebecers.'

Quebec Liberal Party candidates have been elected in the West Island ridings of Jacques-Cartier, Robert-Baldwin, Nelligan and Marquette.

Gregory Kelley will carry on the family tradition in Jacques-Cartier, succeeding his father, Liberal MNA Geoffrey Kelley, who announced in June he was stepping away from politics.

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Kelley was easily elected with over 70 per cent of votes, leaving Karen Hilchey from the Coaltion Avenir Québec (CAQ) far behind with just under 10 per cent of votes.

Monsef Derraji, a newcomer in politics, won Nelligan with over 64 per cent of votes, defeating the CAQ’s Angela Rapoport, who garnered just over 17 per cent of votes.

Derraji was brought on by the Liberals to replace Martin Coiteux, who chose not to seek re-election last April.

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David Akin: CAQ win has Liberal replaced by right of centre leader
David Akin: CAQ win has Liberal replaced by right of centre leader

In Robert-Balwin, Carlos Leitão will keep the seat he has held since he was elected in 2014, securing close to 74 per cent of votes.

Runner-up Laura Azéroual of the CAQ was far behind with slightly over 11 per cent of votes. Leitão was appointed finance minister by Philippe Couillard in 2014.

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Former NHL defenceman Enrico Ciccone won the riding of Marquette with close to 44 per cent of votes, slightly ahead of the CAQ’s Marc Hétu who secured close to 28 per cent of votes.

Ciccone became the Liberal candidate after François Ouimet said the party pushed him out of the riding.

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The West Island’s four ridings included 205,554 registered voters.

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