Manitoba RCMP renew efforts to help end violence towards women and children

Manitoba RCMP launch campaign to end violence towards women and children. Global News / File

Manitoba RCMP have partnered with a grassroots movement for a month-long campaign to end violence towards women and children.

The Moose Hide Campaign runs until Oct. 17 and involves RCMP detachments across Manitoba helping to raise awareness of gender-based violence and promote healthy relationships through community events.

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Pins are also being distributed and worn throughout the month to show support. The pin is a moose hide square that signifies a commitment to protect women and children and work together to end violence against them. All Manitoba RCMP employees are being encouraged to wear the moose hide pin.

“The tragic reality is that violence against women and children is far too prevalent in our communities,” said Assistant Commissioner Scott Kolody, commanding officer of Manitoba RCMP.

“By raising awareness of the Moose Hide Campaign and its goals, we hope to start a real conversation in the communities we serve.

Across this province, our officers will be making a renewed and concentrated effort of working with community members to end violence towards women and children.”

The Moose Hide Campaign was created seven years ago by Paul Lacerte and his daughter, Raven. They were hunting moose in British Columbia along the Highway of Tears where dozens of women have gone missing or been found murdered when they came up with the idea to use the moose hide to inspire a movement to end violence towards women and children.

Since then, more than a million squares of moose hide have been distributed and the Moose Hide Campaign has spread to communities and organizations across Canada.

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While the campaign targets men and boys, everyone is encouraged to participate.

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