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Meet the Delta cat burglar that’s dedicated to a life of laundry crime

WATCH: Meet the Delta Cat that is living a life of crime


Could it be the answer to the age-old question about what happens to all of those socks that vanish from the wash?

While many have jokingly theorized that gremlins are responsible, or perhaps a portal to another universe, for some North Delta residents, the answer is a very literal cat burglar.

“I’ve had Bella for 10 years, she’s always been a good girl,” said Shawn Bell.

Shawn Bell and his cat burglar housemate, Bella.

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Well, not entirely good. It turns out Bell’s fuzzy feline has an unusual vice: laundry crime.

Every night, Bella sets out into the wilds of her Delta neigbourhood where she purloins articles of clothing, everything from socks to shirts to toddler apparel, Bell explained.

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“In the morning there’s clothes on the patio, clothes in my apartment, so she is busy,” Bell said.

“And she does like to stay busy throughout the night because all she does throughout the day is sleep.”

Bella poses with some of her trophies.

Global News

As if the evidence wasn’t enough, Bell also has surveillance video catching Bella’s antics red-handed.

In one clip shared with Global News, Bella can be seen eyeing up her target from Bell’s deck before leaping into the darkness, and returning not long afterward with an article of clothing in her mouth.

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WATCH: Delta cat burglar caught on camera

Bell said that Bella started on her life of crime last summer, and that she started small before she escalated to heftier heists.

“It was socks a lot at first. Kids socks, baby socks, some adult socks… then she upgraded to the different articles of clothing like T-Shirts, shorts, baby clothes,” he said.

“Thank God it’s not dead animals. But she’s just as proud though, she has that ‘Meow.'”

A selection of some of Bella’s ill-gotten gains.

Global News

Bell said Bella has developed something of a taste for women’s clothes, and that she also seems to have an eye for brand names.

But despite a growing pile of trophies in his apartment, Bell said he’s surprised no one has come knocking on his door looking for their lost laundry.

The steadily vanishing clothing also doesn’t seem to be deterring neighbours from hanging their laundry outside to dry, he added.

“I hope she’ll cut it out sometime,” he said.

“It is cute, but I don’t want her stealing other people’s stuff.”

No word yet on whether Delta police are investigating the case.

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