Manitoba hands out almost $7,000 in fines for Americans’ filched fish

122 walleye were confiscated by MCOA. MCOA/Facebook

Manitoba Conservation Officers recently yanked 122 walleye from a group of Americans fishing near Lynn Lake.

Officers initially found 26 walleye in an Oklahoma man and woman’s possession. Four of the fish exceeded the provincial 55 cm length limit.

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Officers later spoke with two other men from Oklahoma and found 13 packages of frozen fish fillets at their residence.

Six walleye can be kept with a regular license, where as only four walleye can be kept with a conservation license, according to the The Manitoba Government 2018 Angers Guide.

One hundred and twenty two walleye were seized in total and all four Americans were charged.

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After pleading guilty, their fines totalled $6,992.

All fish were donated to the residents of Marcel Colomb First Nation.

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