Parti Quebecois launches new ad campaign making fun of itself

Click to play video: 'The Parti Québécois wants in on the joke with new advertising campaign' The Parti Québécois wants in on the joke with new advertising campaign
WATCH: Things are looking bleak for the PQ in the lead up to the October election, but the party hopes an unusual new ad campaign will win over some voters. Global's Raquel Fletcher reports – Aug 6, 2018

Things have been going badly for the Parti Quebecois, according to the polls, however the party wants voters to know that it hasn’t become a joke so it’s launched a new French ad campaign making fun of itself.

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The new ads make jokes at the party’s expense. One of the ads asks, “What’s the difference between a péquiste and the internet?”

A male voice responds, “Your internet connection might drop out, but a péquiste never will.”

“Since we’re in summer and people are coming back from vacation, we needed a lighter campaign that used humour,” explained Pascal Bérubé, PQ house leader.

The CAQ and Liberals have been battling it out in the polls for months, leaving the PQ in third place. Now the opposition party wants to make sure voters don’t think it’s irrelevant.

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The campaign even invites Quebecers to come up with their own PQ jokes by finishing the following sentence: How many péquistes does it take to…?

“The first step is to make people smile and then, if you smile, you’re ready to listen to the rest of the message,” said Bérubé.

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“It made me smile, it’s funny,” Education Minister Sébastien Proulx admitted. “But it hasn’t changed my mind about them.”

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He said many PQ members are even jumping ship for the CAQ.

“It’s become a running gag, if you’ll allow me the expression, that there are more péquistes than caquistes in the CAQ,” Proulx said.

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