Tribute video released for friends who died at Shannon Falls

Tribute video posted to 3 people who died at Shannon Falls
The group High On Life, of which Ryker Gamble and Alexey Lyakh were members, released a message to friends and family Friday. The two, along with Lyakh's girlfriend, Megan Scraper, were killed at Shannon Falls earlier this week.

The remaining High on Life group members have now released an emotional tribute video for their friends who died at Shannon Falls this week.

The trio has been identified as Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh, and Megan Scraper.

Their bodies were found in one of the lower pools of the falls, according to RCMP, who said they had slipped and fallen about 30 metres.

Since the news of their deaths, tributes and condolences have been pouring in online for the trio.

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Now, in the video posted to YouTube, the dedication includes the reading of a passage written by Gamble and Lyakh.

“What does it feel like to be present? To be here in the now and fully experiencing this moment. Free from any weight of the past or any anticipation of the future. Just free. Free to realize that only you can control how you feel. About anything. Free to see things for what they are and free to give your time and energy to what really matters,” reads the passage.

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“Accept the fact that everything that makes up your world is there because you attracted it with your own thoughts. Realize that you can control your thoughts and emotions. There’s no big secret. Just choose to think better feeling thoughts.”

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A GoFundMe memorial fund has also been set up for the trio and their families.

Watch the full tribute video below: