Take a stroll on the artsy side with Edmonton wall walk

Linda Hoang in front of an Edmonton mural. Courtesy: Linda Hoang

It’s a chance to see Edmonton from a different point of view, even if it’s a neighbourhood you’ve frequented many times before.

Edmonton blogger, Linda Hoang, said she noticed the best way to explore a new city was to look for interesting street art.

“When I came back to Edmonton, I started noticing more and more of these walls and murals,” said Hoang. “Now, I can’t stop seeing [them]. I realized people had an appetite [for it too] and now it’s become this thing that I do wherever I go.”

From there, Hoang created The Instagrammable Walls of Edmonton Photo Walk.

“We take a group of Edmontonians around to different walls and then we stop, take pictures, talk about the mural and the neighbourhood.”

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The family—and pet—friendly walks are about two hours long, with stops included at local cafes for a bite to eat.

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“It’s a good way to explore a community you may not have explored before, or you may not have seen in the [same light].”

Even now, Hoang is still finding hidden street art.

“Last week, I turned the corner [in an alley] on 124 Street, and there was a giant mural on the side [of the wall] that you wouldn’t be able to see from the road.”
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Saturday’s walk will take the group on a tour of Alberta Avenue.

“[The wall walks] are a great way to introduce people to something new in a very comfortable, fun and easy going way,” said Hoang. “Hopefully afterwards, they will choose to visit these areas on their own.”

Hoang is hoping Edmonton will soon have another art piece, with a crowdfunding campaign launched to bring renowned Spanish street artist Okuda San Miguel to the city.

“It would be awesome to create a six-storey mural in Old Strathcona,” said Hoang. “I am currently working to put on a fundraising walk in early July to help fund [the project].“

But, Saturday’s walk—like all the others she’s put on—is free of charge.

“It’s for anyone who wants to spend a couple hours exploring a neighbourhood in this wonderful city that we live in,” said Hoang. “We hope for good weather, but if it’s not…I guess we’ll get some moody, rainy shots for your Instagram.”

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If you’re interested in joining the walk with Hoang and co-organizer Brittney Le Blanc, meet at the Alberta Avenue Community Centre at 2 p.m. Saturday.

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