More cars in Kelowna struck by falling poo

Click to play video: 'Did birds or a plane cause mess on Kelowna woman’s car?' Did birds or a plane cause mess on Kelowna woman’s car?
Did birds or a plane cause mess on Kelowna woman’s car? – May 31, 2018

We first told you about a Kelowna woman and her son who experienced feces falling from the sky into the sun roof of their car on Monday.

Since then, more people have come forward whose cars were covered in poop.

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Brett Yates lives in a townhouse complex in Ufton court, very near the intersection of Bernard Avenue and Spall Road where the incident was first reported.

He said he came out to the parking lot of his complex one day to find his car, and the cars next to his, covered with feces.

Susan Allen first told Global News that on May 9, she and her son were sitting at a red light when, suddenly, liquid poo fell from the sky, through her sunroof and into her car.

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“I had it on my face, down my shirt, my entire car, and the vehicle beside us were all covered in it,” she said.

Yates said he didn’t know what happened to his car, or his neighbours’ cars, until he heard Allen’s story.

Allen believes the waste fell from an airplane that was passing overhead.

Kelowna International Airport told Global News there is no record of aircraft being in the vicinity at that time.


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