Vancouver mayor says protest organizers should pay for 4/20 clean-up

Sunset Park Field following 4/20 event in Vancouver.
Sunset Park Field following 4/20 event in Vancouver. Vancouver Park Board

Send the bill to protest organizers!

That’s what Mayor Gregor Robertson says about the mess left behind from this year’s 4/20 event in Vancouver.

“I definitely think given the amount of revenue that’s raised by the 4/20 event and it’s considered a demonstration or protest because they don’t get permits. But considering that amount of revenue, they should be paying back the cost, particularly to the Park Board,” he said.

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On the weekend, pot activists Jodie Emery said the Vancouver Park Board ‘hyped’ up damage, following the closure of Sunset Park Field to replant grass damaged from the pot-festival.

Robertson says it’s unfortunate that it will take that long to fix.

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“It doesn’t look as bad as last year from Beach Avenue going by, last year was more of a mud-pit. But there is certainly some damage. But we will leave it to the Park Board to determine what makes the most sense to rehabilitate,” Robertson said.

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Robertson says the event generates enough revenue and that organizers should cough up the money.

Last year’s bill to clean up and police the biggest marijuana protest in the nation cost Vancouver nearly $250,000.

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