B.C. municipal election 2018: Lytton results

Jan Polderman was acclaimed mayor of Lytton.

Incumbent Tiffany Callewaert-Haugen has been re-elected as a councillor of Lytton, along with newcomers Paula Cranmer-Underhill, Gordon Murray and Richard Swan.

Below is the full list of mayoral and councillor candidates in Lytton.



Jan Polderman (acclaimed)


Tiffany Callewaert-Haugen (incumbent and acclaimed)

Paula Cranmer-Underhill (acclaimed)

Gordon Murray (acclaimed)

Jacquie Raphael

Richard Swan (acclaimed)


Lytton is a village in the Fraser Canyon, located along the Fraser River and the Lytton-Lillooet Highway in B.C.’s Interior. It can be found 84 kilometres south of Cache Creek.

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Population (2016)



Lytton‘s history isn’t exactly marked as happening in the most hospitable landscape.

As he explored the area in 1808, Simon Fraser once said he “had to pass where no human being should venture.”

Then, two decades later, as Governor George Simpson canoed the area south from what is known today as Prince George, he said, “I should consider the passage down to be certain death, nine times out of 10.”

Indigenous people used the lands by taming them with instruments such as twine and twigs, and giving Fraser an idea of how to navigate some very rugged territory.

Gold would be discovered at Yale in 1858, 2.5 kilometres downstream of Lytton.

American miners would follow in droves, crowding the region and ushering in diseases that killed Indigenous peoples.

War broke out between prospectors and Indigenous people as they tried to protect themselves.

The flood of Americans motivated the British to firm up their claim over the region. They would negotiate a peace and establish B.C. as a Crown colony.

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The Canadian Pacific Railway would begin construction in the 1880s, but Lytton would see another economic boom just as the gold rush was falling off.

Workers were needed to build the railroad. So more than 2,000 Chinese workers came in from China, working for far less money than whites and taking on the most perilous tasks.

As many as four Chinese workers are believed to have died for every mile of railroad.

Forestry would later become an economic driver in the Lytton area, with logging roads built along the mountainsides.

Median total income of couple economic families with children (2015)

Population not big enough to provide an accurate figure.

Political representation


Jati Sidhu (Liberal)


Jackie Tegart (BC Liberal)