Peterborough Public Works urges residents to spread the snow

Snow has been piling up on Peterborough properties. CHEX TV/Peterborough

As the Kawarthas gets ready for another wallop of winter weather, Peterborough’s Public Works department suggests residents spread out the white stuff to keep driveway and curb sight lines clear.

The region could get another five centimetres on Friday. Public Works supervisor John Czerniawski acknowledged that it’ll keep his crews busy well into the weekend.

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But instead of shovelling snow on top of an already large and unwieldy snow bank, he suggested spreading it around.

“Alternate those snow storage areas, don’t always pile it in the same location,” Czerniawski said. “And avoid throwing it on the road, that’s never a good idea.”

Rose Avenue resident Roy Sarginson was busy shovelling his neighbour’s driveway Thursday afternoon.

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With no boulevard between the road and his driveway, he was running out of room, and the large mound of snow was making it tricky to see the road from the edge of his driveway.

But, he said, he had a plan in place.

“We’ll do this for another week, and then we’ll have to climb up on to the bank with the deep boots on, and shovel the tops off so we can see again,” he said.

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