7 destinations for the adventurous millennial to visit in 2018

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Epic & accessible travel adventures for everyone
Take a look at some of the best and most accessible travel adventures that anyone can do – Feb 2, 2018

Millennials have their bags packed and are ready to travel – but where to?

According to an AARP report, while most people have no fixed destination in mind for this year’s holidays, millennials tend to at least know they want to go someplace adventurous.

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“In general, Canadians are headed for international adventure,” says David Solomito, vice president of North America marketing at KAYAK. “Young travellers are also seeking experiences both rich in culture and history in some of the world’s most interesting cities. They look for unique, authentic travel experiences that offer something new and exciting that go beyond the beaten path and gets them out of their comfort zone.”

But if you’re looking to get away, book now Solomito says, as January through March are the cheapest months of the year to search for travel. Median airfares are at their lowest.

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The cheapest month to fly domestically is in April, Solomito adds, as the median airfare hovers just under $400. For international travel, February is your best bet.

Avoid international travel in July as crowds and prices tend to increase.

Based on that need for adventure, KAYAK has come up with seven destinations that would be a perfect fit for millennials this year.

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia, South America. Matthew Micah Wright/Getty Images

According to KAYAK’s 2018 travel trend forecast, Cartagena was the number one trending destination for Canadian travellers, and has seen a 58 per cent increase in searches, year over year.

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Last year it was Bogota, which took the number 10 spot on the list. But thanks to increased flight routes, record low crime rates, and a booming economy, Cartagena is coming out on top, KAYAK reports.

Expect to see colonial charm mixed with a cosmopolitan vibe, making it a great Caribbean destination that’s different than the typical treks to other more commercial Caribbean go-to places, but without breaking the bank.

Flights to Toronto run about $560 – and the flight only lasts about five-and-a-half hours.

Phuket, Thailand

Long tailed boat Ruea Hang Yao in front of island background in Phuket, Thailand. Suttipong Sutiratanachai/Getty Images

It’s no surprise to see more Canadians flocking to Thailand, especially with the stunning views of the islands, stunning beaches, national parks and warm weather all year round.

Searches for Phuket are up 50 per cent year over year.

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The flight price might be a little steep for millennials looking to save a buck, but once there you can expect the food and accommodations to be quite cheap, making it easier for travellers to roam on a budget.

One place not to miss while in Phuket, KAYAK says, is Phang Nga Bay, which is home to 42 breathtaking limestone cliffs and rock formations.

Bali, Indonesia

The Champlung cafe on Legian beach at sunset in Bali, Indonesia. Ian Trower/Getty Images

Coming in at number five on KAYAK’S travel trend report is Bali, a place full of photo-worthy landscapes that won’t break the bank.

Searches for the destination are up 46 per cent year over year. As with Thailand, however, price may also be a contributing factor as to why it continues to become more popular for millennials.

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But if you’re considering a visit, make sure to book your trip soon, as KAYAK reveals February and March are the cheapest months of the year to book your trip.

Faro, Portugal

Iconic cliffs of Praia de Piedade in Algarve, Portugal. Marco Bottigelli/Getty Images

Millennials – keep an eye out for this location this year, KAYAK says. Not only are some cities seeing a drop in airfare prices, but more flight routes were added between Canada and Portugal last year, making the destination easier and more accessible to explore on a budget.

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Sure, Lisbon sees a lot of action, but it’s Faro which took the number eight spot on the travel trend forecast this year as searches are up 38 per cent.

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Unlike the bustling streets of Lisbon, Faro makes for a great place to relax thanks to its quiet beaches and cobblestone roads.

Kahului, Hawaii

Aerial view of Maui coast. unclegene/Getty Images

Coming in at number 10 on the travel forecast is Kahului, as searches for this destination have spiked 36 per cent.

According to KAYAK, it is the portal to the ultimate surf road trip.

Lonely Planet describes the destination as a shopping hub with plenty of malls and warehouses. The city also serves as Maui’s main harbor and airport.

Make sure to check out Kanaha Beach Park if you want to try some surfing. Find this hidden spot which is wedged between downtown Kahului and the airport, beyond a strip of ironwood trees.

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Palm Springs, California

Palm trees line the city streets of the city of Palm Springs,California,USA. Peter Unger/Getty Images

Millennials are all about the music festivals, and Palm Springs is where you’ll find a slew of them.

Keep an eye out for your favourite actor as this tends to be a celebrity hotspot – this is where the party is at.

Be warned, however, that accommodations (especially during large-scale events) can get a bit pricey. On the bright side, flight prices are down 15 per cent this year, which makes it a great time to visit the American destination.

Denver, Colorado

Denver skyline and view of Rocky Mountains from the east. Walter Bibikow/Getty Images

No, it’s not a beach vacation, but Denver is still a place for adventure.

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Denver is an under-the-radar city for any season, but there’s plenty to do all year round.

For example, plan a ski trip, take in breathtaking sites on a hiking trip or enjoy the relaxing city vibe. It really does have something for everyone.

Median flight prices to Denver are under $500 and it takes less than three hours in flying time from Vancouver.

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