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7 jobs that let you travel the world

WATCH: Here are a few jobs that will allow you to do just that, according to Indeed.


Wouldn’t it be nice to combine your ideal career with your passion for travel?

The dream might seem too good to be true, but it doesn’t have to be. You just have to know what kinds of jobs are out there that can capitalize on your skills while allowing you to travel.

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It’s an alluring combination for many, because people essentially get paid to do what they love, says Jodi Kasten, managing director at Indeed Canada.

And these careers may seem out of reach, but some may be easier to obtain that one might think.

“I think the roles vary in terms of level of expertise,” Kasten says. “If you look at a pilot, for example, certainly there’s a lot of training and a lot of hours that go into becoming a pilot. But if you look at a senior buyer position, then I think there is a career path that can take you up to that point where you get to do some of that international travel that comes with that job, and I don’t think that one is so far out of reach.”

So if you’re thinking about combining your career with your love of travel, here are some job options that may tickle your travelling fancy, what they entail and what you need to qualify for them, according to Indeed Canada.

1. Management consultant

Average salary: $75,894 per year
A business degree or diploma or graduate degree
The job:
“Management consultants help organizations to solve issues and improve business performance,” Kasten says. “Travel is standard for management consultants since the majority of their time is spent working with clients, often at their client’s location. Clients can be local but they can also be national or international, giving management consultants and opportunity to travel regularly.”

2. Travel nurse

Average salary: $46.46 per hour
Post-secondary education and/or graduate degree in nursing registration
The job:
“A travel nurse is a nurse who is hired to work in a specific location for a limited amount of time,” Kasten explains. “Travel nurses typically work for a given period of time in one place, and move around the country or the world depending on where they are needed.”

3. Pilot

Average Salary: $74,963 per year
Education: Aviation College or University Degree, Pilot license
The job: Pilots fly passengers or cargo for leisure, business or commercial purposes.

4. Senior Buyer

Average Salary: $65,465 per year
Post-secondary education
The job: According to Kasten, buyers research and purchase products for companies either to re-sell to customers (i.e. retail buyer) or to use in their own company’s everyday operations.

5. Special Events Manager

Average Salary: $53,778 per year
Post-secondary education
The job: “Special Event Managers run small or large-scale events such as charity events or conferences, trade shows and employee events — all of which can take place anywhere in the world,” Kasten says.

6. Auditor

Average Salary: $66,319 per year
Education: Post-secondary education, professional designation
The job: Auditors are appointed by companies to run audits and prepare reports on a particular area of the business, Kasten says.

7. Yoga Instructor

Average Salary: $33.66 per hour
Education: Specialized training, Certification
The job: “With the popularity of health and fitness retreats around the world, there are opportunities for yoga instructors to travel and teach all around the world, often in exotic locations,” Kasten points out.

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