Edmonton volunteers provide warm meals on cold days

Boyle Street Community Services in Edmonton Friday, Nov. 3, 2017. Global News

A group of friends is doing its part to make sure Edmontonians in need have a hot meal during the cold winter months.

The dozen Fuel for Hunger volunteers make chilli in their homes every week, then get together on Sunday mornings to pour the hot stew into large commercial pots before they head downtown.

They visit five locations to provide hot lunches for those in need.

“We started off just doing it for the month of December,” Moe Duval said. “Last year, we added January, and now we’ve taken on February as well because the response is amazing.”

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The group has served over 2,000 bowls of chilli so far this winter.

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Duval says the group volunteers its time because “it feels good and there’s a need,” but also because some members of the group have experienced homelessness.

“They know what it feels like to be homeless and broke and have no place to go, so they love participating.”

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The Edmonton Food Bank contributes the ingredients.

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