Contractors offering support to children injured in crash near Peterborough

Click to play video: 'Support pours in for child victims of highway crash in Peterborough' Support pours in for child victims of highway crash in Peterborough
Support is pouring in for two children involved in a fatal crash near Peterborough which left one child with life-altering injuries – Dec 20, 2017

Online and community support is pouring in for two children involved in a major collision near Peterborough earlier this month.

Madison Meade and her younger brother Thomas were passengers in one of the cars involved in the Dec. 10 collision on Highway 7 just east of the city.

Family say the five-year-old boy suffered a broken collarbone but seven-year-old Madison suffered what is being called “life-altering injuries” which will require a wheelchair. Both children were airlifted to Toronto Sick Kids Hospital where they remain.

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The crash also claimed the life of Eileen Wilson, 52, of nearby Havelock, who was in another vehicle.


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Madison Meade. Ashley Meade

On a GoFundMe account set up by the children’s mother, Ashley Meade says financial support is needed.

“I will be using the money raised to purchase equipment required for when she returns home with me. Also some renovations such as ramps, chair lifts and anything else that maybe required”

Madison’s situation struck home with Peterborough contractor Eric Holmes who is recruiting other contractors to help the family.

“When I first saw the story on Facebook, I decided to help because I thought of my nine-year-old daughter. Being Christmas it’s a good time of the year to help people out,” he said.

It’s unclear exactly where Madison and her family will be living when she gets out of hospital, so Holmes says it’s unknown exactly how much work their house will need to make it wheelchair accessible.

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Contractor Eric Holmes. Steve Guthrie/CHEX News

But Holmes says he is ready to work.

“We do from the ground up, basically from the foundation all the way up to finished builds,” he said.

“We’ve been working in Peterborough for about five years. The community has accepted me as a contractor, which is good, and if I can give back to the community in some sort of way I will”

Other contractors have stepped up to assist with the job.

Alf Curtis Home Improvement, Patton Power, and Patriot Home Heating have offered goods and services as has Brook’s Brushwork Paints and Renovations.

“Just to help a family out, there’s tons of families in need, it’s around Christmas as well, so why not give back to the community that you’re born and raised in,” said Brook Williamson.

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The family is aiming to raise $20,000.

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