Winnipeg mom finds Xanax pills in kid’s Halloween candy bag

A Winnipeg mom got a Halloween scare when she found Xanax in her son’s candy bag. Global's Timm Bruch reports.

A Winnipeg mom contacted police after finding a bag of Xanax pills in her child’s Halloween candy bag.

Amanda Fehr told Global News she noticed the small zipped bag of eight pills as she was going through the candy and contacted cops Thursday.

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“I went to grab a chocolate bar out of my son’s candy bag,” said Fehr. “But that’s not what I pulled out. I don’t understand.”

“That could have killed one of my kids.”

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Fehr said her 12-year-old son was trick-or-treating in the Headmaster Row, Bonner Avenue and Rothesay Street area on Tuesday. He came home with a bag that she went through on Wednesday. That was when she noticed the pills.

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“It could’ve been accidental but I can’t see someone having pills by a candy bowl, and I can’t see someone holding pills and then handing out candy at the same time,” Fehr said. “So how did they get in there?”

The pills, which are typically used to help anxiety, panic and depression, carry a street value of up to $10 each.

Their discovery means the Fehr family will be second guessing their trick-or-treating routines next year.

“Unfortunately this has ruined [Halloween] for me,” Fehr said. “I don’t want to go to houses, so we’ll be going to malls and stores.”