Mom’s hilarious take on having more than one child is pretty dead-on

Click to play video 'Viral mom explains why first pregnancy is so different from the rest' Viral mom explains why first pregnancy is so different from the rest
WATCH: Esther Anderson, from the blog Story of This Life, explained why her second and third pregnancies were so much more tiring than her first – Sep 19, 2017

“How big is the baby?”

Chances are when you’re pregnant with your first child, these are the type of questions you already know the answers to. In a video by Esther Anderson of parenting blog Story of This Life, the mom-of-two completely nails what it’s like to go through your first pregnancy and second, third or fourth.

From knowing every single detail about your fetus to creating a step-by-step labour plan to even stocking the closet with adorable goods, the first time around, Anderson says in her now-viral video, it’s very different.

Posted on Facebook last week, Anderson plays the role of two pregnant mothers: one who is completely prepared for her baby and the other who is just trying to keep it together. And yes, she’s currently expecting her third.

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One version of the 32-year-old mom from Rochester, N.Y., talks about her diet, maternity clothes and how she plans on documenting her pregnancy. The other version is trying to watch her other two children in a cluttered living room.

“Pregnancy is a crazy thing — it’s amazing but it can honestly be pretty awful at the same time,” she tells Global News. “Everyone experiences a different pregnancy, but in the end, we’d all agree it’s entirely worth it for the precious life we meet at the end of those nine months.”

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Social media users react

On Facebook, over 7,000 users responded to Anderson’s video, many sharing their own pregnancy experiences.

“I’m on my second pregnancy and people will ask how far along I am and I am like, ‘either 34 or 35 weeks… Maybe 36? I’ll have to check Baby Centre,'” user Courtney Salazar wrote.

“That is fantastic! Someone just asked me how old my second one is (Tessa, born in June) and all I could give them was a blank stare and finally uttered ‘about 3 months or so,'” user Ashley Lapikas wrote.

“With the first one, I knew exactly how many weeks along I was and how many weeks old he was. Second one, I knew how many months I was and how many months old he was. Third one … total wash! No clue how many months pregnant or how old she was,” user Megan Burlingame wrote.

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Some users noted how the video helped them not feel like a “crap mom,” and Anderson says that’s exactly the mission of her blog and videos.

“That’s exactly why we do what we do … To encourage other parents who feel like they’re alone in the amazing yet terrifying and difficult journey of parenting little lives.”

The first pregnancy and the rest

Anderson says for any mom-to-be who’s overthinking or over-worrying about every little pregnancy detail, take a step back and accept exactly how you feel.

“Enjoy the fact that you actually have the time to worry about little details… cause that won’t be the case with the other pregnancies,” she says. “Accept that you’re going to feel like crap knowing that it will be 100 per cent worth it in the end.”

And, comparing first and second pregnancies in general, she says she was more tired the second time around, only because she already had a child to take care of. But there are also some pros.

“It’s also so much less stressful knowing what to expect after your first pregnancy,” she continues.

How to prepare for the first pregnancy

And every parent is different, which means they also have a different plan (or no plan) when it comes to preparing for the first baby.

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Parents notes the first thing you should be aware of is your own health. Take your vitamins, restock the fridge with healthy options and schedule a checkup with your doctor.

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Following this, you will be bombarded with routine checkups, ultrasounds and get all types of advice on which car seat or stroller to buy. The site notes, like anything, a little organization can go a long way.