Slipknot continue Nickelback feud: ‘Chad Kroeger is to rock what KFC is to chicken’

Nickelback's Chad Kroeger on stage. Keystone Press/ET Canada

WARNING: This story contains graphic language.

The ongoing beef between Nickelback and Slipknot continues as Corey Taylor doubles down on his Chad Kroeger insults.

The latest in the feud between the rockers began earlier in June after Kroeger called Stone Sour, the side project of Slipknot’s Taylor, “Nickelback lite” during an interview. Taylor retaliated by saying Kroeger had a “face like a foot.”

Now, Taylor has a few more words for the Canadian rock frontman.

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Asked about the beef by a radio station in Auburn, Washington, Taylor hurled a few more insults at Kroeger.

“I’m not talking about that d***head. Why do I give a s*** what Chad Kroeger says? I’ll tell you what. This is how I figured it out,” he explains. “Chad Kroeger is to rock what KFC is to chicken. Is that wrong? I feel like I’m not wrong. I’ll still eat it, but I’m not gonna feel good about it. It tastes like the same thing.”

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Taylor has made it clear his feud only extends to Kroeger and not the other members of the Canadian rock group.

“Everybody else in that band I’m very, very cool with; I’ve hung out with them,” he told Arizona radio station KUPD earlier this month. “It’s just ‘Face Like A Foot’ who I can’t really hang out with. He’s got a face like a foot. Am I wrong?”

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The men have been going after each other for nearly 15 years after Taylor called Nickelback “f***ing pretty boys” and compared Kroeger to “Shaggy from ‘Scooby-Doo’” in a 2002 interview.

Kroeger responded to their insults, calling Slipknot’s penchant for masks a “gimmick.” Needless to say, there’s no love lost between these two and no signs of putting this feud to bed.

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