Voters head to polls for Gouin byelection

Quebec's Liberal Party candidate Jonathan Marleau heads to the polls, Monday, May 29, 2017. Global News

Voters in the Montreal riding of Gouin are choosing who will represent them at Quebec’s National Assembly.

The seat opened up after Québec Solidaire‘s Françoise David announced she was quitting politics due to health concerns.

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Voters can choose from 13 candidates on the ballot.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, former student protest leader, is considered the front-runner.

Nadeau-Dubois is running for Québec Solidaire and was recently elected to be the party’s co-spokesperson, along with Manon Massé.

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Nadeau-Dubois is billing himself as the man who will continue David’s work in Gouin.

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She remains popular in the riding she represented since being elected in 2012.

Going head-to-head against the former student leader is the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party‘s youth wing, Jonathan Marleau.

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“I’m not running against Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, I’m running for the people of La Petite-Patrie and that’s my way of doing politics,” Marleau said right after casting his vote Monday morning.

Some voters heading to the polls told Global News they were still undecided due to the lack of information available.

“The only thing I saw were the posters and that’s it. I didn’t see anything online. I had to look for myself,” Gouin resident Raymond Robillard said.

One party is absent on the ballot: the Parti Québécois (PQ), who said it decided not to present a candidate as an act of good faith towards Québec Solidaire, as they were working on an alliance to defeat the Liberals during the next provincial election.

That alliance fell through.

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Now, Nadeau-Dubois has one less candidate to worry about.

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“I’ve voted Québec Solidaire before and then it’s just a bonus that Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois is with them,” Gouin resident Jamie Wright said.

Polls close Monday at 8:00 p.m.

To find out where your polling station is, head over to MonVote.Qc.Ca

Candidate List

  • Jonathan Marleau, Quebec Liberal Party
  • Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, Québec Solidaire
  • Benjamin Bélair, Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ)
  • Alex Tyrrell, Green Party of Québec
  • Jean-Patrick Berthiaume, Bloc Pot
  • Louis Chandonnet, Équipe Autonomiste
  • Alexandre Cormier-Denis, Parti Indépendantiste
  • Vanessa Dion, Option Nationale
  • Samuel Fillion-Doiron Équipe Adrien Pouliot, Parti Conservateur du Québec
  • Nicole Goulet, Citoyens au Pouvoir du Québec
  • Michel Leclerc, Parti Libre
  • François-Xavier Richard-Choquette, Independent
  • Sylvain Theodore, Independent

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