Taco Bell Canada to offer beer on menus in June

Taco Bell Canada hopes to expand to 700 locations across the country. Taco Bell Canada

This June, when you visit select Taco Bell locations in Canada, you’ll be able to ask for a cerveza with your tacos.

The company’s Canadian flagship location in Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood is expected to be the first restaurant to offer beer on the menu, with the potential for other alcoholic beverages down the road.

“In the last five years, Taco Bell Canada has experienced tremendous growth — growing at 28 per cent,” Amanda Clark, general manager, said in a statement on Tuesday.

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“This announcement highlights how committed we are to further growing our business, and how devoted we are to building deeper relationships with our customers and evolving the way they experience our brand.”

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The company also expects to expand to 700 locations across the country. They currently operate 160 restaurants in over seven provinces.

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Joining the booze bandwagon

The chain is the latest to join a growing list of fast food restaurants that offer alcoholic beverages on their menus, albeit in very select locations.

In 2014, KFC opened two KFC Fresh restaurants in Toronto, a “fast-casual” chain that also serves beer. The fried chicken joint features a beer list with Molson Canadian, Coors Lite, Coors Banquet and Heineken. While in 2016, McDonald’s introduced beer options to a Seongnam, South Korea, location, NBC reports.

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But for some companies, introducing booze just didn’t work.

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Starbucks announced in 2014 that it would it expand beer and wine sales at hundreds of locations across the U.S. as part of their “evening program,” but the coffee giant decided to end alcohol sales in January in the majority of U.S. spots. Ontario residents needn’t fret, however — the evening program is still available at three locations in Toronto and Ottawa’s Byward Market, with plans to expand across the country.

What you can expect

Beer offerings with your fast food Mexican fare may seem somewhat mundane, but Taco Bell has already started taking their booze selection to the next level. The Taco Bell Cantina location in Las Vegas offers a “twisted freeze” slushie with shots of vodka, tequila or rum.

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The location also serves wine and — what else? — margaritas.

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