Parks Canada’s Learn to Camp program helps rookie campers learn the ropes

WATCH: It’s a summer tradition in Canada and for our country’s 150th anniversary, Parks Canada is expanding its popular ‘Learn to Camp’ program so more new Canadians and novice campers can enjoy the great outdoors.

It’s pitched as an adventurous getaway into the great outdoors but if you’re not used to roughing it, camping can seem taxing.

That’s where Parks Canada’s Learn to Camp program — which is essentially Camping 101 — comes into play.

“Often there are barriers that stop people from just giving it a shot … when they do [the Learn to Camp program], people get more comfortable with the outdoors, they get curious about camping and they gain that confidence to give it another shot on their own,” Parks Canada spokesperson Laura Judson said.

The opportunity is open to those new to camping and those new to the country.

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Parks Canada preps for tourists during free Canada 150 year, conservationists concerned

“We provide gear as well as a lot of our staff go in and do workshops on, say, how to set up a tent or how to start up a stove or how to cook a meal at camping,” Mountain Equipment Co-op spokesperson Elyse Curley said.

It’s also a way for refugees and immigrants to explore their new home.

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“They’ll give camping a shot even if they’ve had really negative associations with tents and unstable housing in the past,” Judson said.

Originally from Iran and now living in Victoria, Nadji Yazdi and his family are planning to take part in Learn to Camp this summer.

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It will be the second time they are participating.

“I think the best thing about the program is you have a fear about doing something for the first time and it breaks that fear because there are experts around, they’re knowledgeable, they help you if you have questions,” Yazdi said.

The weekend events are held in national parks across the country.