Green Line LRT north route outlined at public sessions: ‘traffic patterns will change’

Green Line LRT public engagement meeting held Tuesday
WATCH: The City of Calgary hosted an event on Tuesday evening to gather public input on proposed plans for the north leg of the Green Line. Doug Vaessen has details.

Residents living in several north Calgary communities gathered at information sessions on Tuesday to learn more about the north leg of the new Green Line LRT.

The north leg of the track will include stations along Centre Street between 9 Avenue and the future community of Keystone Hills. Although the alignment of the track along Centre Street was approved by council in 2014, the City of Calgary held the sessions to gather feedback on station locations and design.

“It’s very informative,” homeowner Orest Mettimano said. “They’re letting us know where their alternate routes are going to be, they’re letting us know precisely where they’re thinking of putting the stations.”

In October, city councillors approved in principle the idea that the new CTrain line should include a tunnel underground at the Beltline and then resurfacing on Centre Street at approximately 20 Avenue.

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The information sessions addressed how traffic on Centre Street would be affected as the CTrain track returned to street level.

Currently, there are two lanes of traffic in each direction between 20 Avenue and McKnight Boulevard, but the plans presented by the city would reduce traffic to one lane in each direction.

Green Line North project manager Aleem Nanji said traffic concerns are a common issue brought forth by area residents.

“We do know that traffic patterns will change with the future Green Line LRT,” Nanji said.

The construction of the Green Line may also impact some homeowners.

“We are working through that to identify exactly how many homes will be impacted,” Nanji said. “We do know with the future Green Line that there will be some impacts to properties to accommodate the Green Line LRT.”

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Nanji said the City of Calgary has contacted homeowners whose property could be impacted by the construction of the new LRT.

“They would have received a letter that just says we had identified a potential property impact – and to contact the city if you have any additional questions.”

Final recommendations on the route for the north leg of the Green Line LRT will be presented to Calgary city council in June.

The Green Line LRT will be 46 kilometres long, winding from the communities of Panorama Hills and Coventry Hills in the north to Seton in the south, doubling the size of the existing LRT network.

It’s estimated it will serve an estimated 41 million passengers annually.

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