‘SNL’ debuts new perfume ‘Complicit’ from Ivanka Trump

While Alec Baldwin continues to make his mark with his Donald Trump impression, Saturday Night Live is continuing to lambaste the whole Trump family.

With Scarlett Johansson as this week’s host, the comedy sketch show aimed for Ivanka Trump, whose role in the Trump administration is controversially viewed.

“Ivanka Trump: the president’s moral compass or just another mouthpiece?” one headline from UK newspaper The Guardian reads.

“Ivanka Is Where Feminism Goes to Die” reads another headline, this time from the Daily Beast.

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In SNL’s sketch, the fake ad for an Ivanka-branded perfume, called Complicit, doesn’t pull its punches.

Johansson stars as Ivanka in what starts out as a typical fragrance ad, turning heads as she walks into the room.

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But her motives are quickly challenged by the narrator.

“A feminist, and advocate, a champion for women… like how?” the voice over asks.

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“She’s loyal, devoted… but probably should have bounced after the whole Access Hollywood bus thing.”

(In case you forgot, Donald Trump uttered his infamous “grab her by the pussy” phrase on an Access Hollywood bus.)

The sketch aired on March 11, where Alec Baldiwn reprised his role as Donald Trump.

Watch the full sketch above.

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