Saskatoon Civic Election: Ward 2 Hilary Gough

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Ward 2 has a new city councillor. Candidate Hilary Gough defeated incumbent Pat Lorje in the Saskatoon civic election on Wednesday. Lorje had served as councillor for the past decade.

Four other candidates ran in Ward 2.


Robert Godfrey

Occupation: Courier driver

Quick hit: Robert Godfrey is a long-time volunteer broadcaster who is looking to engage all residents of Ward 2.

Facebook: robert.godfrey.7121

Twitter: bobgodo


Hilary Gough

ward-2-hilary-goughOccupation: Saskatoon operations manager for national non-profit

Quick hit: Hilary Gough believes her ability to forge strong relationships with colleagues and community members will help her serve as a councillor.

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On the web:

Facebook: HilaryYXE

Twitter: hilaryyxe



Vernon J. Linklater


Quick hit: Vernon J. Linklater is a former president of the Riversdale Community who wants to see positive change in the ward that will allow it to prosper.

Facebook: VernonJLinklater

Twitter: vernonjlinklater



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Pat Lorje (i)

ward-2-pat-lorjeOccupation: City councillor

Quit hit: Quick hit: Pat Lorje, who has been Ward 2 councillor for 10 years, says she will work for stronger neighbourhoods, safer streets and effective community involvement.

Facebook: patlorje

Twitter: patlorje



Kelly Parker

ward-2-kelly-parkerOccupation: Business owner

Quick hit: Kelly Parker believes in better dialogue and communication between cultures and says that the truest democracy is one where the freedom of minorities is allowed to flourish.

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Mark Zielke

ward-2-mark-zielkeOccupation: Small business owner

Quick hit: Mark Zielke says a positive business climate while helping those who need it most will allow Saskatoon to grow and prosper.

On the web:

Facebook: markzward2

Twitter: markZward2