The City of Lethbridge wants you to ‘chalk’ about it

The City of Lethbridge wants to engage the community through a chalkboard. Sarah Komadina/ Global News

The City of Lethbridge is hoping to have public conversations via chalkboard.

As Lethbridge’s population approaches 100,000 people, the city wants to engage residents, in “100K+” conversations about the future of the city.

This past week the focus was on Galt Gardens, which was the first location to have the honour of hosting the community chalkboard.

Everyday the city’s community planner, Perry Stein, writes a new question on the board. Some of the questions asked are what kind of of events folks would want to see there and what they might change in the park.

Before Stein cleans off the board, he takes a picture and saves it.  So far, Stein says there has been a positive response.

“It’s nice for people to have a chance to write feedback, that doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. People come into Galt Gardens to have their lunch and they go ‘oh, there is a sign here,’ I can give my feedback. It’s less intimidating I think than coming out to an open house. It’s much more freedom.” Stein said.

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Keep you eyes peeled, the chalkboard will be moved throughout the city over the next few months.  After Thursday, it will make its way to City Hall’s foyer.

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