Surviving the Slump: attracting employers with your resume and LinkedIn profile

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WATCH ABOVE: Global’s Mia Sosiak catches up with two jobseekers, followed by Global News since February, who continue to search for work. They explain how they’ve changed their resumes and LinkedIn profiles to better their chances – May 11, 2016

Two job-seekers followed by Global News since February continue to search for work in Alberta’s oil slump, but say they are connecting with more employers thanks to improvements to their resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Mike Lakusta, an engineer in training, is applying for three project management positions with Calgary-based energy companies.

He had just started his career with an oil and gas startup when he got laid off.

Lakusta started his job hunt in October. He said he has re-written his resume several times to better match the positions he was applying for.

“Some of the things that I’ve been improving are providing quantitative examples of (my) work,” Lakusta said.

Resume tips

Experts say tidy, mistake-free resumes reflect your attention to detail.

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Richard Bucher, an executive coach with Right Management, advises using formatting to guide the reader’s eyes to what you’ve researched to know is most important.

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In addition, he advises against listing your job duties, and said instead you can describe the scope of your roles. For example, the size of budgets you were responsible for, people you reported to or with, and disciplines that you interacted with.

“Then below that, a list of accomplishments that [you] achieved in each of those roles,” Bucher said.

“Resumes have to be accomplishment rich, not responsibility rich.”

LinkedIn profile tips

Jo Moss has over 10 years’ experience in internal communications, mainly with oil and gas companies, and has been searching for work since January.

She is waiting to see if she’ll get an offer on a communications position she interviewed for.

Global News also paired up both Lakusta and Moss with Right Management to help them get the most out of their LinkedIn profiles.

Bucher said for the past two years, 80 per cent of Right Management clients have sourced their new hires through LinkedIn.

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“It’s a talent database, and recruiters, employers are doing keyword searches to find talent,” Bucher said. “If you have the right keywords in your LinkedIn profile, you’re likely to get hit.”

Butcher advises hunting for keywords connected to the job you want on profiles of other people with that position at the same company.

A final tip from Butcher: don’t lie about your experience because interested employers will cross-check.

“Every position that I’ve applied for, the employer or the HR person has looked at my LinkedIn profile, so it’s extremely important,” Moss agreed.