Global Edmonton launches Family Matters

WATCH ABOVE: After 10 years of news reporting, Global Edmonton reporter Laurel Gregory is launching a new project called Family Matters. The idea was born not long after the arrival of her son last year.

After 10 years of news reporting, I am about to launch a new project on Global Edmonton. This brain child was born not long after the arrival of my son in January last year.

You would think after nearly a decade covering hard news, I would devote a good chunk of my maternity leave to consuming news. What better time to catch up on current affairs, magazine features, and documentaries? Maybe I would get the chance to write some freelance articles. Rrrrrriiiiiiiiight. I laugh now when I look back at my intentions for the year “off.” Did I mention I also planned to train for a 50-kilometre mountain race while on maternity leave? Oh, Laurel.

I found myself devoted 24 hours a day to a pooping, crying, snot-nosed little monster. And by all accounts, I had a “good,” “calm,” “happy” baby! I threw myself into researching everything to do with raising a child (an interesting shift for someone who had never even changed a diaper pre-baby).

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A million questions circled in my mind on a daily basis: Was he growing at a good pace? Which developmental milestones should I watch for? How should I choose a daycare? Should I put him in swimming lessons?

I wondered if I was alone in my concerns. Nope.

Meeting with other parents and checking out blogs, I realized how many other people shared my questions. I wanted to be able to go to one place that covered everything; somewhere I could get some answers from someone in the same position as me. Then I thought, maybe I could build a place like that.

So, this Feb. 15 – appropriately Family Day – we are launching Family Matters. It will cover all of the issues parents want to know about, from child care and development, school issues and money, to safety, technology and discipline. And there will be a place for fun stuff too.

What are your burning questions, concerns and ideas? Please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment section below or contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

You can count on catching Family Matters every Tuesday on the Early News at 5 and on Sunday’s Weekend Morning News, but look for it other days, too. Online, bookmark