Alberta film industry hopes to benefit from The Revenant’s Golden Globe success

Low loonie a boost for Alberta movie industry
WATCH ABOVE: The dismal Canadian dollar may be just what the doctor ordered for Alberta’s movie industry, and the timing couldn’t be better with the success of The Revenant. Tracy Nagai reports.

There’s not many advantages to the lowly state of the loonie for most of Canadians, but the dismal dollar may be just what the doctor ordered for Alberta’s movie industry.

The timing couldn’t be better with the wildly successful release of The Revenant.

Fierce battles, a breathtaking backdrop and the chance to work in a major motion picture appealed to over 730 Albertans represented in the project.

“I know that Calgary’s on the map and we do get projects coming through, but something of this size may be the biggest one we’ve had so far. So it’s going to draw more attention,” said actor Scott Olynek.

The Revenant was shot in several locations throughout Alberta including Kananaskis Country, Drumheller and Morley, a First Nations settlement within the Stoney Indian Reserve in Southern Alberta.

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The movie won Golden Globes in three major categories.

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Its success is just another avenue to showcase what Alberta has to offer.

“We saw a big lift after Brokeback Mountain. We’re starting to see a lift after Fargo for different kinds of sets,” said Calgary’s mayor, Naheed Nenshi. “The Revenant, again, reminds people that we have these extraordinary outdoor opportunities to film here – and with the Canadian dollar being where it is –  it’s exactly the right time to get that showcase in place.”

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For those in the industry, it could also mean another chance to shine.

“It should be bringing in a lot more business, so I’m looking forward to that,” said Olynek.

*block quote* “More auditions, more opportunity.”

The Revenant pulled in just under $40-million on its opening weekend.