WATCH: WestJet flight attendant’s original safety demo goes viral

Airlines around the world have made many attempts to revamp their safety demonstrations, finding ways to make them fresh and eye-catching for their passengers.

Delta has a safety video peppered with almost every internet meme possible and Air New Zealand has a Men In Black-style video featuring the national rugby team.

While Canadian airline WestJet still relies on the old-fashioned, in-person demonstrations, one of their flight attendants was anything but old-fashioned in his delivery.

In a cellphone video captured by Saskatchewan veterinarian Tanya Marshall, WestJet employee Michael McAdam is seen giving a cheeky and playful safety demonstration that has passengers laughing out loud.

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At one point, he even uses the oxygen mask to create an impromptu duck bill, accompanying the gag with a shimmy.

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Uploaded to Facebook on Aug. 2, the video has generated more than 4.8 million views and has most viewers applauding McAdam’s efforts to create an attention-grabbing safety demonstration.

“I am a flight attendant and NEVER have I heard people so enthused about the safety demo. BRAVO!!!” writes one viewer.

But some are not as keen about the video, saying McAdam’s demonstration is “far from being professional” and “demeaning the importance of safety.”

This March, WestJet flight attendant Caralee Savage also made international headlines for entertaining passengers with a dance to the pop song “Uptown Funk.”

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