Avenue Magazine releases list of Calgary’s best neighbourhoods

WATCH ABOVE: Jennifer Hamilton from Avenue Magazine joins Global Calgary with details on the city’s best neighbourhoods.

CALGARY – The Beltline is the top neighbourhood in the city, according to Avenue Magazine.

The publication released its 6th annual list of the 50 best neighbourhoods in Calgary on Thursday.

The results are dictated by an online survey on the magazine’s website.

“What they’re voting for actually, is what they find most desirable in a neighbourhood,” says Avenue’s Jennifer Hamilton. “And then we take those results, we crunch them – along with some numbers like crime statistics, real estate prices, walkability scores, those sorts of things.”

The magazine also breaks down what areas are more desirable to people with families, as opposed to renters.

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Ultimately, Hamilton says they’ve found what most people say they want in a neighbourhood is access to parks and pathways, walkability, low crime rates and community engagement.

So why did the Beltline come out on top?

“So many services,” said Hamilton. “It’s a super walkable neighbourhood, there’s tons of groceries stores, there’s tons of shopping, there’s access to major roads.”

Calgary’s best neighbourhoods 2015

  1. Beltline
  2. Brentwood
  3. Acadia
  4. Arbour Lake
  5. Hillhurst
  6. Sunnyside
  7. Riverbend
  8. Downtown Commercial Core
  9. Scenic Acres
  10. Huntington Hills

Don’t agree with the results?

“A neighbourhood can’t be all things to all people,” says Hamilton. “It’s very personal, in the end, what kind of neighbourhood you want to live in.”

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