Oscars 2015: Here’s what losers will find in their swag bags

Here's what losing nominees in the acting and directing categories will receive. Courtesy Distinctive Assets

TORONTO — Not everyone will win an Oscar tonight but none of the acting and directing nominees will leave empty-handed.

Those who don’t get a golden statuette at the 87th Academy Awards will receive a “swag bag” worth an estimated $200,000. (All values shown in Canadian dollars.)

That’s twice the value of last year’s Oscars swag bag and nearly three times the median household income in Canada.

The swag bags are given to the 20 losing nominees in the four acting categories and best director category.

Companies are betting that giving away their products and services (and paying the $5,000 fee to be included in the Oscars swag bag) will pay off in publicity.

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Among the items stars will find in the bags is a certificate for a luxury trip through the Canadian Rockies from Rocky Mountaineer.

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Last year, the Vancouver-based company offered two-day excursions valued at $8,600.

Another touch of Canadiana in the Oscars swag bag is $300 worth of rouGe Maple products from Notre-Dame-des-Bois, Quebec.

Included are two bottles of organic maple syrup, vinaigrettes, jellies, maple candy and an adoption certificate for a maple tree.

It’s the third year rouGe Maple has been part of the Oscars swag bag.


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The Oscars swag bags also include a year’s worth of Audi rentals from Silvercar (valued at $25,000); a custom-made piece of furniture by Elena Foccoli (worth $31,000); a luxury cycling and camping trip from TerraVelo Tours (worth $15,600); a nine-night Italian vacation (valued at $14,400); and a personal psychic reading by Olessia Kantor of Enigma Life (valued at $25,000).

There’s also a $6,200 piece of art from Gunner Fox, a $6,200 family portrait session, a $17,800 lifestyle makeover package and $6,200 in hormone injections.

Smaller items include a pair of LG headphones, Dove anti-perspirant, an Afterglow vibrator, a Pop Dental sonic toothbrush, a Lat & Lo silver necklace, and Naked Luxury condoms.

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The bag is also stuffed with herbal tea lollipops, gluten-free cookies, pretzels, popcorn, nuts, apples and mints.

After all those sweets, recipients can redeem their coupon for a $5,000 “non-invasive L.E.D. light technology” device from Ventura that promises to take up to nine inches off their waistlines in three weeks.

Or they can pedal the calories away with a new Matrone Cycling designer bike worth $1,500 or 10 sessions with fitness trainer Alexis Seletzky (worth $1,100).

Of course, the swag bags also come with a Form 1099 from the Internal Revenue Service. Recipients are required to claim the fair market value of the items as income and pay tax — whether they keep them, regift them or decline them.

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