June 20, 2014 1:22 pm
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WATCH: Mary Walsh helping women teach men to help at home


ABOVE: Watch Mary Walsh talk to Global News about The House Trainer.

TORONTO — Mary Walsh is helping women help men learn how to help with household chores.

The 62-year-old veteran of Canadian television and films is playing Rose O’Brien in The House Trainer — a series of instructional videos available in the Apple App Store.

As Rose, Walsh teaches men how to rinse the bathroom sink, load the dishwasher and change the toilet paper roll.

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Users can build a custom training program and email it, via the app, from Rose O’Brien to friends and family that need to be house-trained.

“Forty per cent of married women are bringing in the most money and yet they’re still doing 70 to 80 per cent of the household tasks,” explained Walsh, “which seems to be a great inequity.”

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Walsh describes Rose as “kind of like a second cousin to Marg Delahunty,” her popular character from This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Why star in an app?

“I’m sort of jiggy with all that new stuff and I’m down with what the kids are down with,” Walsh joked.

She is convinced the app is providing a public service.

“This is all women need to at least fix this little area of where they’re doing too many of the households tasks,” said Walsh. “If men just knew how to do it, they would do it.”

It begs the question: Why does the toilet seat have to be left in the down position?

“It has to be down because if it isn’t down, in the middle of the night your very thin trophy wife will fall through and you’ll lose her,” Walsh replied.

“I feel that is the natural way that the toilet wants to be. I think the toilet wants the seat down.”

Walsh said women have put up with lazy men since time immemorial for no other reason than to keep society going.

“There would be no people on the Earth. There would just be cockroaches and snakes,” she opined. “It’s all biologically necessary for us to put up with all of this in order that we have children and the Earth goes on.

“I think at some point the women will just really get tired of that and say ‘I don’t care, let the snakes and the cockroaches take over. I’m just not doing another dish.'”

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