Tiffany Lizée
Chief Meteorologist

Tiffany Lizée is Global Calgary’s Chief Meteorologist.

Tiffany provides essential weather updates on Calgary’s top-rated morning show, Global News Morning, offering over a decade of trusted expertise. You can also catch her on Global News at Noon, along with regular updates on QR Calgary from Monday to Friday. 

Growing up on a farm in southern Saskatchewan, Tiffany’s obsession with the weather started early. She gained firsthand insight into the significance of weather forecasts and the profound impact climate change has on the agricultural landscape.

When Tiffany’s not all about the weather, she’s all about the great outdoors. You’ll find her casting a line fishing, hitting the trails for hikes, or camping her way through Alberta’s awesome parks. And when snowy weather takes over, she’s ice fishing, hitting the slopes, and gliding on frozen ponds.


Weather Window and Dog Walking Forecast on Global News Morning

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