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From cold-plunges to pilates, these buzzy Toronto wellness spots are the ultimate treat. Trove

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Cold-plunging has entered the chat. These days, the wellness craze is real—and it’s no surprise. Life’s hustle and bustle seems to have sparked an inward shift. Sure, TikTok is entertaining, but what’s going on inside? Everyone’s definition of wellness is different, be it a rigorous workout sesh or a well-deserved spa trip. Whatever your zen is, there’s likely a spot in Toronto that will help you achieve complete tranquility. If you’re near the city, now is the perfect time to embrace the wellness movement. Because, let’s get real: If you’re not reaping the benefits of an infrared sauna, you’re not living your best life. Ahead, three buzzy spots in the city that are pure bliss.



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426 Adelaide St West

Escape the city grind at Toronto’s newest wellness hub, Trove. Rest, reset and relax with a variety of services including lymphatic drainage massage, infrared therapy, sound bath sessions and more. The soothing aroma of essential oils welcome you into this sweet, dimly-lit paradise. Enjoy an IV drip by the fire or take a dip in the private cold-plunge bath. Feel a wave of calm wash over you in the restorative salt cave and take your time expressing your thoughts at the cozy journal station.


Available at Trove

Depuff and brighten with these eco-friendly hydrogel eye pads. Infused with avocado fruit extract, glycerin and red algae for intensive hydration in under ten minutes. They dissolve in hot water for easy disposal.
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Studio Jaybird, Yorkville. Studio Jaybird


Studio Jaybird

110 Bloor St West Lower Concourse and 735 Queen St West 2nd Floor

Studio Jaybird‘s “nothing to see, everything to feel” wellness philosophy invites visitors to embrace the present moment. Mirrorless yoga and pilates classes foster a deep inward connection, enhanced by immersive music and dim lighting. Instructors guide you with sensation-based cues, encouraging you to release preconceived notions of movement. Simply put: Go with the flow! The studio’s palpable modern design further enriches the experience.

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Available at Studio Jaybird

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Formula Fig Summerhill
Formula Fig, Summerhill. Formula Fig Summerhill


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Formula Fig

1238 Yonge St and 50 Ossington Ave

Formula Fig in Summerhill exudes European charm. Soothing shades of green fill the space, from the pistachio-coloured walls to pristine marble countertops. If sweating at a studio isn’t your thing, treat yourself to a luxurious high-tech facial. Whether you’re aiming to renew collagen, hydrate your skin or rejuvenate with lymphatic drainage, there’s a tailored treatment for you. The best part? They also offer top-tier injectables, featuring industry-leading wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers.


Available at Formula Fig

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