Toy expert’s top picks for summer 2024

The Toy Insider Laurie Schacht shares her top picks for summer 2024.

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Summer means the kids are out of school, and boredom can quickly set in. Adding a few new toys to the mix will not only keep the kids busy, but it’s also a chance for them to get outside and make memories. The Toy Insider Laurie Schacht stopped by The Morning Show to share her top picks for summer 2024.

Ages 3+

Score a hole-in-one with Gator Golf! Take your flamingo putter and sink your putt by hitting your ball through the Gator’s mouth and into his tail to score. But watch out – he’ll flick your ball with his tail for extra putting action.
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There will be no shortage of bubbles with the Play Day Light-Up Bubble Blaster. Simply squeeze the trigger for a continuous stream of bubbles and enjoy the flashing rainbow lights for day and nighttime fun. When it’s time to refill, just unscrew the bottle, add more solution, and twist it back into place.


Put your balance to the test with this made-in-Canada balance set. Just match up the pieces to form beams and connect to the foot pads with a click. There are 8 beams and 5 sensory step-stones included.


Ages 4+

Add some glitz and glam to outdoor playtime with this Crayola Glitter Chalk Set. The set includes 24 glitter chalk sticks in bright and bold colors. Each piece of chalk comes with its own special glitter effect. It’s washable as well so easy to remove from driveways, sidewalks and pavement.
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More Recommendations


Let the water play begin! You can shoot water up to 12 feet away which will make play time so much fun – especially with friends. All you have to do it pull the handle back when submerged in water to draw water in. Then take aim and fire. A shield pops open when unfurled for added protection.


Ages 7+

If you’ve got an older kid, you can take water play to the next level with the XSHOT Fast-Fill which lets refill your blaster in just one second and get back to the water blasting action long before your opponents. This blaster holds 1600ml of water and blasts a whopping 33 feet.


Life is never boring with Bill Nye the Science Guy. With this VR rocket set, kids can launch their own rockets to outer space in virtual reality! This deluxe gift set includes a rocket launch experiment, 10 experiences, a pair of VR goggles, and never-seen footage from NASA’s latest moon launch. Pretty cool.
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