The best ways to soothe your bug bites this summer 

When it comes to treating those irritating bug bites, here are 12 options for you to try.

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If your bug spray didn’t kick in and you came home from your camping trip with a constellation of bites, there’s no need to suffer. While the classic calamine lotion is still available as a bite treatment, here are 12 ways–including newer options such as devices and stickers–to treat those itchy bug bites.


It’s in the name really–this extra-strength gel has tea tree oil and baking soda in its ingredient list to help treat bites and painful stings fast. The tube size also means it doesn’t take up a lot of real estate, whether that’s in your medicine cabinet, glove compartment, or purse.
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This paraben-free gel that’s easy to absorb and non-greasy is a homeopathic option to use when you’re outdoors this summer. It’s also good for kids and adults and the 40 g tube is small enough to tuck into your camping bag for your next trip.



As part of this newer generation of bug bite treatment options, this device uses suction to pull out insect venom, saliva, and other irritants from your skin. Reviewers advise you to go gentler with your pressure to start (and until you get used to the device) to avoid leaving a bruise on your skin. 


Pack this device for the family picnic or camping trip because once it’s fully USB charged, it’s good for two hours with up to 50 applications. We like that you can extract the irritants from your skin post-bite if you wish with this tool. However, you can also choose from the heat applications to help your skin recover from the bite.
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If you’ve got a child who has mild allergic reactions to bug bites–think swells up slightly more than usual after a bug bite for instance–this stick contains a topical antihistamine to help manage the reaction. Reviewers say it works fast and it’s not just for kids.


This stick balm contains a blend of good-smelling lemongrass and wintergreen oils which can also help your skin feel better after getting bitten or stung. We also like that it’s an all-natural product that is made up of those oils plus beeswax, coconut oil, and baking soda.




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These latex-free single-use patches may just be the trick for the kid who can’t handle you touching their bite, let alone smearing a gel or cream on it. (Or who is wearing long clothing over it–no worrying about getting cream or gel on their clothing!) These hydrocolloid patches feel good after a bite given they contain Aloe, Witch Hazel, and Chamomile and reviewers report the patches stay put.
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These cute patches won’t be a hard sell for the bug bites on your little ones–they also come in different colours. We also like that the patches are waterproof and can be left on for as long as seven days. Reviewers do say they work best if applied right after the bite and before your kid gets scratching.



Gold Bond is a brand that knows how to handle a variety of itches and this medicated cream comes to the rescue with Pramoxine Hydrochloride and Menthol in the cream. Fragrance and steroid-free, the cream offers a soothing feel post-treatment.
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We love an all-natural product and this one contains ingredients such as coconut oil, pure beeswax, organic jojoba oil, organic calendula-infused sunflower seed oil and more. It’s also good for all ages, from baby to adult and reviewers report you only need a little bit to feel the results.



This lotion, which contains soothing ingredients such as calamine and colloidal oatmeal, feels cool to apply. It can be smoothed over larger swathes of affected skin to treat poison ivy patches, poison oak, sumac, insect bites, and allergic itches. However, it can also be spot-applied to individual bites.


While you may know Polysporin as a lotion or gel to use on your skin after cuts and burns to keep the wounds clean, this lotion is made for itchy skin and contains zinc acétate to tackle it. For best results, you do have to wash the area and dry it first and then apply the lotion–users report that a little liquid goes a long way with this product.
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