Is Canada sexy? Bestselling author Carley Fortune thinks so

The Toronto-native’s newest novel is anything but a slow burn.

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“I love books with kissing in them,” jokes bestselling author Carley Fortune. A chorus of laughter breaks out in the Hot Docs theatre, where a flurry of fans, affectionately dubbed ‘Fortunates,’ gathered last week for an exclusive chat about the Toronto native’s highly anticipated—and super steamy—new romance novel, This Summer Will Be Different.

Perhaps the *spiciest* addition to Fortune’s repertoire, the book’s swoon-worthy plot unfolds against an enchanting maritime backdrop. The story follows the romance of Lucy, a tourist vacationing at a beach house on Prince Edward Island, and Felix, the local guy who shows her a good time. The twist? Lucy discovers that Felix is her best friend’s younger brother.

After the success of Fortune’s debut novel Every Summer After and buzz around the soon-to-be Netflix adaptation of Meet Me at the Lake (thank you, Harry and Meghan!), it’s unsurprising that the author’s third novel has garnered much attention since its recent release—including ours.

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“I wanted to deliver a book that transported you somewhere and felt like a bit of a thrill ride,” says Fortune. True to her word, This Summer Will Be Different is anything but a slow burn. Filled with page-turning prose, Fortune’s novel delivers the heat and warms hearts in the process. You won’t want to put it down. Here’s why.


Tourist Lucy falls for Felix, the local, unaware that he’s her best friend’s brother. Amidst coastal PEI visits, their chemistry sizzles, complicating Lucy’s efforts to avoid him.


Be prepared to book a PEI trip, stat!

Inspired by a PEI trip Fortune took with her best friend, the novel’s East Coast setting is the perfect romantic backdrop. “It stuck with me,” says Fortune. “The island is so beautiful, and more magical than I expected.” Fortune takes readers on a dreamy adventure around the province, relishing its picturesque scenery. From sandy shorelines with serene glittering waters to hikes up rust-coloured cliffs, the descriptions are so vivid, you can almost taste the salt-kissed breeze.

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Lucy and Felix’s romance will leave you breathless.

“I want [readers] to feel like they’re snooping on a real relationship,” says Fortune. From stolen glances and secret gift exchanges to sneaky bathroom sex, readers get a full glimpse into Lucy and Felix’s romance, even when it feels like no one should be watching.

Felix’s relation to Lucy’s best friend only intensifies their forbidden love. Despite the circumstances, they are undeniably meant for each other. It’s evident in the way Lucy ogles at Felix’s oyster shucking skills and his thick, coastal accent. And Felix admires Lucy back, surprising her with bottles of her favourite vinho verde and chauffeuring her from the airport. Oh, and did I mention the steamy love scenes?


The Anne of Green Gables references are peak Canadiana.

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Several parallels can be drawn between L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables and This Summer Will Be Different, including Lucy’s name, her fascination with the Canadian classic and the setting shared between both books.

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It’s fitting that each section of Fortune’s novel opens with a quote from the series. One quote in particular, “Everything that’s worth having is some trouble,” speaks to the complicated relationship between the story’s protagonists. The pair even explore Green Gables together, where Felix whispers another popular Anne reference in Lucy’s ear: “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.” A cheerful nod to a beloved classic, these quotes also complement the love story that unfurls.


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