8 reads to cozy up with this fall

Fall is the perfect time to get cozy and start reading.

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Autumn is a season of many delights—from the crisp air and picturesque scenery to the joys of apple picking and pumpkin spice lattés. And yet, nothing beats the charm of snuggling up with a captivating book on a gloomy fall day (by the fireside, of course).

As the leaves continue to paint the outdoors with vibrant hues and the autumn chill grows colder, now is the perfect time to gather a fresh ‘to-be-read’ stack.

Read on for eight page turners fit for the season.


“Can love make a broken person whole?” is the question at the heart of this tear-jerking novel by Ann Napolitano. In his freshman year of college, protagonist William Waters’s life lights up when he meets the ambitious Julia Padavano. She and her inseparable sisters, Sylvie, Cecila and Emeline, offer William a newfound sense of belonging—a respite from his troubled past rooted in family tragedy. However, as William’s dark history resurfaces, Julia’s plans for a future with him become tarnished and so does her sisters’ unshakeable bond. An homage to Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Little Women,’ this moving tale is a lesson on expectations, the significance of family and the transformative power of love.
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From the maestro of horror himself, Stephen King, comes this spine-tingling thriller about multiple mysterious disappearances in a midwestern town. After witnessing her transition from a timid, yet courageous recluse in ‘Mr. Mercedes’ to a full-fledged private detective in ‘The Outsider,’ King’s beloved character Holly Gibney takes centre stage in this novel as she confronts a pair of unimaginably malevolent adversaries. When Holly is first called to locate Penny Dahl’s missing daughter, Bonnie, she is reluctant due to recent circumstances—her partner is sick with Covid, and her mother has recently passed away. However, upon hearing the desperation in Penny’s voice, Holly acquiesces, setting in motion a twisted narrative.



A chilling exploration of suburban life and the profound impact of a single tragic incident, Ashley Audrain’s latest novel is captivating, especially for fans of ‘The Push.’ Amid a barbecue gathering on well-to-do Harlow Street, the seemingly flawless hostess, Whitney, loses her composure due to her son’s disobedient behaviour. The evening takes a frightening turn when Whitney’s son falls from his bedroom window and is left teetering on the edge of death. In the wake of this tragedy, Whitney’s neighbours find themselves entangled in a web of speculation.



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This contemporary psychological thriller by R.F. Kuang is an irresistible page-turner. It also happens to be a Reese’s Book Club pick! The novel follows June Hayward, writer and friend to the accomplished Asian-American author Athena Liu. When Athena tragically passes away from a freak accident (she chokes on a pancake), June decides to steal her new manuscript about the unsung contributions of Chinese labourers during World War I. Soon enough, June is rebranded by her publishers as Juniper Song, and becomes the New York Times bestselling author of ‘The Last Front.’ All is going well for Juniper, until she is met with Athena’s “ghost.”



This long-awaited tell-all memoir shares the astonishing firsthand account of the life and journey of pop icon Britney Spears. In her own words, Spears shares candid reflections on freedom, fame, motherhood and hope after over a decade of imposed silence. This memoir provides a deeply personal glimpse into the intricacies of navigating life in the public eye, offering a perspective that is uniquely Spears’s—at last.
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Fantasy lovers will devour this enticing, action-packed read by Sarah J. Maas. Deep in the woods, nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre takes down a menacing wolf, unknowingly setting in motion a perilous chain of events. She is forcefully transported to a treacherous land by a terrifying creature demanding retribution. Feyre soon discovers her captor, Tamlin, is not a beast but one of the immortal faeries who once ruled her world. As Feyre adapts to her new home, the lies she’s been told about the dangerous realm of the Fae slowly come to light, and a passionate romance unfurls between her and her keeper. This first installment in the bestselling ‘Court of Thorns and Roses’ series will hook you in and leave you yearning for more.
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This hilariously funny novel by Bonnie Garmus, now adapted into a miniseries starring Brie Larson, is the perfect blend of humour and historical fiction. Unfolding against the backdrop of 1960s California, protagonist Elizabeth Zott, an unconventional scientist-turned-cooking-show-host, offers a first-person perspective of her life as a single mother and reluctant star of ‘Supper at Six.’ Elizabeth’s unusual approach to cooking (“combine one tablespoon acetic acid with a pinch of sodium chloride”) is revolutionary and daring. She’s not just teaching women how to cook—she’s inspiring them to shake up the status quo, but not everyone is on board.



Following astronaut-turned-writer Chris Hadfield’s bestselling thriller ‘The Apollo Murders’ comes this adrenaline-packed page-turner. As told by NASA Flight Controller and former top U.S. test pilot Kaz Zemeckis, this compelling novel details the high-stakes game of spies, deceit and a possible high-level defection that follow the 1973 disappearance of a Soviet MiG fighter. Kaz must now lure the fox into the henhouse, understanding that every defection is double-edged with risk. As he treads a careful line between suspicion and trust, will Kaz succeed?
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