10 non-alcoholic drinks you need to try for Dry January

Get friends and family involved in the Dry January celebration and taste your way through these delicious non-alcoholic drinks.

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Had too many libations during the festive season? Whether your body needs a post-holiday reset, or you want to start the new year with healthier habits, or are simply sober curious, January is a great time to try to cut out the boozy drinks.

Get friends and family involved in participating in a Dry January challenge and see what delicious non-alcoholic cocktails and drinks you can sample through the month. From icey mocktails that transport you to the summer or warming drinks that make the most of cozying through winter, these yummy drinks will make it less of a challenge and more of a Dry January celebration.

As someone who enjoys a good cocktail, Seedlip certainly did not disappoint even sans alcohol. A couple ounces of this herby non-alcoholic spirit, with a splash of club soda, fresh mint and served over ice, all I can say is we didn’t stop at just making one. Those who like martinis can enjoy it with some olive brine, shaken with ice and then strained and served with an olive. If Seedlip’s other spirits are as good and versatile as their Garden 108, we’re excited to drink our way through their whole line.
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Barbet was born from the desire to create a quality zero-alcohol drink that could be just as good as – if not better than – the alcohol bevvies on the market. After co-founder Kate Fielding experienced another epileptic seizure in 2020, she made the decision to go alcohol-free, and together with her sister Andrea, created Barbet. Offering three different fruit-flavoured bubblies with natural ingredients, you can start with one like Love Bite – flavours of tart pink grapefruit, ginger spice and undertones of earthy juniper – or try their trio sample pack.


If you like what you taste, Barbet offers special perks to their regulars, including discounts, exclusive events and merch. For a limited time only, Barbet has partnered with Toronto-based artist Briony Douglas to offer this special edition can. The artwork is all about the beauty in making choices that are right for you.


If your tastebuds gravitate towards sweeter things, you’re going to really enjoy this cocktail mixer. With its cooling watermelon-mint flavour, made with natural ingredients, it’s like being transported to a tropical beach or sitting poolside on a rooftop cabana in the heat of summer. Although Simply Cocktails Mixers are designed for traditional cocktails and not mocktails, we found it just as tasty simply mixed with lemon soda and ice.
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Love the flavour of tequila-based drinks? Then this drink is for you. Edna’s Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Company has managed to create a sparkling paloma without the alcohol while still offering aromas of Tequila Anejo complete with the Paloma’s classic citrusy flavours and a touch of salt.


Taco night is not the same without limey margaritas to pair them with. And now you don’t have to go through the whole process of making them from scratch. Simply crack open a cold can of Olé Margarita – made with organic agave nectar and no artificial flavours or colours – and you’re all set. Just don’t forget the extra chips and guacamole!


With a couple of notable recognitions under its belt, including winning Bronze at the International Wine and Spirits Challenge 2022, this non-alcoholic whisky cola is surprisingly close in flavour to actual whisky and cola. You won’t barely notice the difference! Enjoy it straight from the can or serve it chilled over ice and lime wedge.
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The Moscow Mule was a drink born out of perseverance and enterprise. As the story goes, a woman from Russia was about to give up on her family’s dream of selling their specially designed copper mugs, when she met with a ginger beer maker and a vodka distillery owner one fateful day in 1941 who were also down on their luck, and the three of them created the drink that would be found in bar menus everywhere.


The traditional Moscow Mule recipe uses vodka but many alternative recipes use whiskey. This version by Edna’s Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Company incorporates a hint of Bourbon whisky along with ginger and bursts of lime to replicate the original minus the spirits.


Whether you’re enjoying an apres-ski hangout or toasting your feet by the fireplace after a winter hike, there’s nothing more soothing than a steaming hot toddy to warm your insides. To a mug of steaming hot water, add the non-alcoholic spiced rum, 2 teaspoons of honey and 2 teaspoons of lemon. Stir together, garnish with a cinnamon stick and a lemon round, and voila! A yummy wintery drink.
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Think you can’t do without the after-dinner digestif? Don’t fret – there’s an alcohol-free option that can help you maintain dining traditions. Made in Toronto, KiCKASS89 is handcrafted from 89 botanicals and adaptogens to create an alcohol-free amaro with gentle spices, reserved sweetness and a whisper of caramel, plump berry and ginger. Enjoy it neat or over a couple of ice cubes.


Cold, crisp and refreshing, a non-alcoholic wine spritzer is the thing to drink and bring in the fun after a long workday. Offering notes of green apples and pear aromas, this Casal Domingo Spritzer emulates the flavours of pinot grigio. Spritzers are meant to be enjoyed as cold as possible so refrigerate overnight and serve in chilled glassware.



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