Spooktacular Halloween décor to wow your neighbours

Decorating for Halloween is fun for the whole family. Getty/File

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It’s that creepy, spooky time of year again — time to pull out the Halloween decorations.

But if yours are feeling a bit…cobwebby, perhaps it’s time to shop for some new, unique and eerie trappings to make your yard that much more inviting (or perhaps uninviting!) for those costumed trick-or-treaters.

Here are some of the ghoulish best:


Why not capitalize on that common fear of spiders (affecting between three and 15 per cent of the population) by putting this giant fellow right in the middle of your lawn. This No. 1 best seller on Amazon comes with a two-metre long triangular web, which can be attached to the house and lawn via a gutter hook and ground stakes.
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Harry Potter fans will love setting up these candles that seem to float in the air. The set of 12 comes with hooks to attach them to the ceiling along with a remote control. “They glow very realistically and appear to shimmer and flicker as well,” says one user.


Only the bravest trick or treater will be able to make their way to your door if you place this mat outside. While inexpensive, it will add a depth of horror to your front step. And if creepy clown isn’t your bag, there are many other macabre characters to choose from.


When costumed revellers come calling, they’ll be tricked into ringing this sinister doorbell. When the button is pressed, the eye opens and the lighted green eyeball rolls around. The doorbell also features a number of spooky sounds sure to keep them pressing it again and again.
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Kids and adults will love the mischievous grin on this 2.4-metre tall black cat. Inflatable Halloween décor continues to grow in popularity and while there are many options out there, the features on this cat, including its nighttime LED glow and bright green eyes, will make your yard a spooky standout.
More Recommendations


These inexpensive but welcoming doorway banners will ensure that costumed youngsters going door to door know you are open for candy handouts. They come pre-assembled and ready to hang. Some users were surprised at their size – a generous 1.8 metres.


A classic way to jeuje up the front of your house or your garage door, Halloween projection lights provide a big impact with no cleanup the next day. These super colourful, high-definition Halloween lights come in four patterns, from cute pumpkins to scary ghosts.
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stickers to go on pumpkins with scary and funny faces
If you’re not that steady with the pumpkin carving knife, these stickers are a great solution. Just place the various designs on your pumpkins and your designs will be the talk of the neighbourhood. Bonus – no one will know you didn’t carve them yourself.
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