WATCH: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford provides more than enough material for Stewart, Leno, Letterman

Above video: The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart rips into Ford

TORONTO – Toronto’s “crack-smoking mayor” Rob Ford and his apparent appetite for more than booze and illegal drugs provided late night TV hosts with plenty of material once again after the mayor’s use of explicit language on live television Thursday morning.

Ford’s crude comment in response to court documents that contained allegations from former employees that he once told a female aide he was going to have oral sex with her was the latest trigger for the late shows. The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart ripped into Ford for nearly six-and-a-half minutes, replaying the mayor’s video tirade in its entirety.

“Whoa, what, what, whaat, whaaaat!” exclaimed Stewart. “Somewhere in a basement, through his tears, Anthony Weiner is going ‘what the f***’?”

Weiner is the disgraced former U.S. congressman who was caught up in multiple sexting scandals.

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It didn’t end there.

The Daily Show host pleaded for Ford to stop making statements.

“Let that be your last statement, throw down the mic, make that your last sentence of your entire career in public service because that is what we call in my business a closer,” an incredulous Stewart said after showing the video.

Late Show with David Letterman

Late Show host David Letterman devoted his iconic Top 10 list to Ford’s eight-second pause before answering during a city council meeting if he ever purchased illegal drugs.

Top 10 things that were going through Ford’s mind when he was considering his answer:

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel jokingly compared Ford to a drunken uncle that parents don’t like.

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“Rob Ford is like your drunk uncle that is fun but you’re just getting old enough to realize why your parents don’t let him take you anywhere by himself,” Kimmel quipped.

Tonight Show

Jay Leno thanked Canada for the late night fodder.

“God bless Canada, what a gift the Canadians have given us,” he said.


Conan O’Brien mockingly said as an Irishman, he was offended by Ford’s alleged antics on St. Patrick’s Day.

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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon took his turn and called Toronto’s mayor “the best.”

Colbert Report

“Kind of makes you nostalgic for the crack now, doesn’t it Toronto,” Stephen Colbert joked.

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-with files from The Canadian Press

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