Warkworth Institution staff seize contraband, including fentanyl, meth, cellphones

Warkworth Institution officials seized drugs in the prison on March 14, 2023. File

For the second time in a four-day span, officials at Warkworth Institution have seized contraband.

According to the Correctional Service of Canada, on Tuesday, March 14, staff located and seized contraband and unauthorized items at the medium-level federal prison about 60 kilometres southwest of Peterborough.

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Among the items seized were 14 grams of fentanyl mixed with methamphetamine, 25 grams of methamphetamine, cellphones and accessories.

The seizure is the fourth reported at the prison this year and comes following one on March 11. In February officials reported finding a package containing contraband, which they suspect was delivered by a drone.

A telephone tip line for all federal institutions allows people to report activities relating to the security of visitors, inmates and staff members. The toll-free number is 1-866-780-3784.

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The prison also has a number of tools to prevent drugs and contraband from entering, including ion scanners and drug-detector dogs to search buildings, personal property, inmates and visitors.

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